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Company Profile

Jinan Lianfei CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise specializing in the design, production, manufacture and sale of rolling ring machines and heavy-duty robots. Founded in 2017, the company has 12 technical backbones, 1 graduate student, 8 undergraduate students, 2 junior college students, and 1 expert professor from Shandong University. The company provides production lines for seamless ring forming and forging processing for military, steel, bearing, aerospace, vehicle, steel and other enterprises. It provides D53K, D54R automatic diameter axial grinding machine and D55R CNC. R&D, design and manufacture of automatic ring rolling machine, LF01-500, LF02-1500, LF03-100 heavy-duty robot and automatic grinding machine unmanned production line!

Jinan Lianfei CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. is the only unmanned production line in China that realizes the production of ring parts, from the heating furnace-press machine-running ring machine-rings and the whole production line of palletizing. The production line is completely unmanned, and it realizes continuous flow production of multiple specifications, multiple models and multiple materials. The user is in good condition and has been recognized by the industry.
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