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D55R series automatic CNC ring grinding machine

source:Jinan Lianfei CNC Equipment Co., Ltd.    date:2019-03-28 16:27:36

  Main drive, fuselage, main roller, axial frame, centering mechanism, measuring device, loading and unloading mechanism, inlet and output track, hydraulic system, hydraulic pipeline, control system, lubrication system, cooling system, foundation and so on.

  The high-precision CNC bearing blank automatic production line integrating electrical, hydraulic and mechanical is independently developed and designed by the company.

  The ring rolling machine is positioned in a high-tempo and high-efficiency production mode, with a ring of about 30 seconds, and the outer ring has an accuracy of ±2 mm.


Device Key Parameters:

No. Project Units Parameters
1 Rolling ring outside Trail mm Ø200-Ø ;630
2 Rolling ring height mm 40-200
3 radial rolling force KN 630
4 Axial rolling force KN 400
5 rolling line speed< /strong> m/s ~1.5
6 Main motor AC 110Kw  AC
7 Axial rolling motor DC 135Kw  DC

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